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Integrity Wealth Management is proud to have been working with the Ramsey team since 2005. No matter which baby step you’re on, we’re here to help.

Christopher (CJ) Burnett: Your Resident SmartVestor Pro

CJ is a long-time student of Dave Ramsey and can help you put Dave’s philosophies into practice. He got his start in the financial advising world with IWM in 2016, and is proud to be trusted by Ramsey Solutions. CJ approaches each meeting with the heart of a teacher, and seeks to give you a deep understanding of your investment strategy, and piece of mind when you walk out our doors. 

With CJ as your SmartVestor Pro, you will have someone who truly believes and practices Dave Ramsey’s philosophies. He will always seek to help you in your specific situation, and always has your best interest at heart.

CJ’s goal in every meeting is to equip you with all the facts about your financial options along with a strategy to help you pursue your goals. His approach empowers you to make your own educated decisions on what to do next. He seeks to be:


A Listener: gathering all the facts, issues, concerns, and needs of your unique situation


A Strategist: creating a tested investment strategy that is the best for your future


An Educator: teaching you about your different strategic options and giving you a clear picture

So how does all of this help you? When you leave a meeting with CJ you will:

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