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We are proud to say that the Dave Ramsey team has been partnering with Scott Oliphant since March of 2005. Making Scott the longest standing SmartVestor in the state of Indiana.
Scott Oliphant, our owner and senior advisor, began teaching Financial Peace classes in 2002 and has been a SmartVestor Pro since he became an independent advisor in 2005.

This long history of cooperation has helped Scott to know how to best put Dave’s investing philosophies into practice to benefit his clients. Scott has always sought to teach clients about their investments, and give them a better understanding of their future going forward (just like Dave says).

Scott’s goal in every meeting is to equip his clients with all the facts about their financial options along with a strategy to help them pursue their goals, allowing each client to make their own educated decision on what to do next. He seeks to be:


A Listener: gathering all the facts, issues, concerns, and needs of everyone’s unique situation


A Strategist: creating a tested investment strategy that is the best for each client’s future


An Educator: teaching clients about their different strategic options, seeking to leave no one in the dark.

Not only does Scott use Dave’s investment philosophies as a SmartVestor Pro, he puts the total money makeover into practice.

He has handled his personal and business finances in lock step with the Ramsey way for years now. Scott has helped many Dave Ramsey listeners and readers invest and has worked to improve their overall financial situation. He is truly a believer in the Ramsey method and demonstrates this in the way he funds his business, handles his personal finances, and advises his clients.

So how does all of this help you? When you leave a meeting with Scott you will:
  • Have a better understanding of why different investment strategies work for different situations
  • Leave with a real knowledge of how financial advisors are compensated
  • Learn why working with us can be the most affordable route to take
  • Be better educated on how the overall investment world works
  • Feel more comfortable with your future strategy
With Scott as your SmartVestor Pro you will have someone who truly believes and practices Dave Ramsey’s philosophies, will always seek to help you in your specific situation, and always has your best interest at heart.

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