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Welcome to Integrity Wealth Management

We are the premier wealth management group in the Columbus, Indiana area. Our clients learn to expect much more than financial advice when they work with us – they expect integrity. Integrity is at the foundation of our business practices and is pursued throughout every transaction. Our team promises more than honesty, we promise to act in our client’s interest while upholding the highest moral principles.

At Integrity Wealth Management, we do more than simply sell a product or a service. Our goal is to develop and nurture relationships with our clientele and offer them comfort and security. When you invest with an experienced team, the goal is that your investments should produce enough to not only get by – but to enjoy your retirement and beyond.

Every client’s needs are different. Hence, before working together, we take the time to understand each individual’s situation and their goals. There are no cookie-cutter investing programs at Integrity Wealth Management. Our clients enjoy a personalized experience in every aspect.
We understand that market conditions may vary, that’s why we only take calculated risks and communicate frequently. If it is not an investment we would make with our own funds, we won’t make it with yours.

What We Do


When we meet with our clients we gather all the relevant information we can about their situation so that we can devise an informed course of action.


Once we've learned all we can about our client's situation, goals, and desires, we then form a strategy that will best meet their needs.


After we do our research and build a strategy the next step is not to sell, the next step is to teach.

The Integrity Wealth Management Experience

In pursuit of excellent client experience and superior service, we dedicate an entire team to each client’s account – regardless of the size of the account. Furthermore, it is our duty to not only act on our client’s best interests – but we aim to lead our clients on the investment journey along with us.
Throughout each step of the way, our professionals take the time to educate the client’s about our approach. We illustrate each move in detail, allowing our clients to gain a better understanding of the risks involved, the pro’s and con’s, and how each move will benefit them.
Integrity Wealth Management understands that our clients approach us with their life savings – funds generated through sacrifice, sweat, and hard work. We value your experiences, and we look forward to partnering with you to make the most out of them.

Services We Provide

Growing Assets

  • 401k Rollovers
  • Retirement Planning
  • Retirement Income Strategies
  • College 529 Plans
  • IRA's
  • Annuities
  • Mutual Funds
  • General Investing
  • Tax Favored Strategies

Protecting Assets

  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance

Passing Assets On

  • Wills
  • Trusts (Revocable, Irrevocable, Credit Sheltered, Credit Lead, etc.)
  • Power of Attorney

Looking For Advice?

Experience the difference when you manage your wealth, with Integrity.

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